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By: Derek Wilson

Throughout our lives, we will come to crossroads and wonder which direction we should take that will lead us to our purpose. We wonder if the choices we are making are the ones that will lead us closer to what God has called us to do. Fitness has always been my calling. God has shown me over and over again in my life that this is what I should be doing, but I ignored the signs. It wasn’t until I lost the love of my life that I realized that fitness was also my place of peace. On November 5, 2016, I learned that tomorrow is not promised. The only person in my life that had all of my heart passed away in a tragic fatal vehicle accident. My daughter, Maddison Choe Wilson who was the love of my life and the one who taught me to love unselfishly was taken from me. 

Every breath of life and love and happiness was taken from me and my life spiraled out of control. I became depressed and hopeless and even contemplated suicide several times. I had no one to turn to and no one to understand the pain in my heart. The only thing that kept my mind clear and kept me taking one breath at a time was fitness. I released my anger and dealt with my grief in the batting cage and through working out in the gym. Fitness was the only thing that had brought me real joy outside of my beautiful daughter. I think it is important that we realize how fragile life is. We tend to forget the important things that really matter in our lives.

We let the moment pass by where we could have said a prayer for someone in need, not leaving the house mad at our loved one or even forgiving a friend after a disagreement. The only day promised to us is today. We tend to let life take over instead of realizing that today is a gift. What we do with that gift is up to us. After months of depression that seemed to be worsening instead of getting better, I had an epiphany. God was calling to me through my grief that my purpose was to help others through fitness and the gifts he had given me. That is why I decided to open my own fitness studio and call it MAD5 FITNESS. I wanted this facility to be more than just people coming in and working out. I wanted it to be about the whole person through building a sense of family and community. In addition, I think that faith and prayer are important components of the mind and spirit. True health and wellness come through a complete transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. 

At MAD5 FITNESS we want to help transform your life. It is about a lifestyle change to get fit and healthy, as well as one that will strengthen you and help you become the best version of yourself. People often ask me where the name MAD5 FITNESS came from, or what it stands for. The name is both symbolic and meaningful. The first part is MAD which is short for my daughter Maddison. The number 5 represents Maddison’s age and the day that my angel was taken from me. 

This is the story on the origination of MAD5 FITNESS.

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