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FIT B.U Juice is proud to offer fresh made juice cleanses featuring local fresh pressed juice at The Maddison Fitness Facility.

Adding juice to your diet is a way of boosting nutrition and getting back to healthy basics. Cleansing is about taking the clean eating approach a step further, giving your system a break and helping reduce your dependence on unhealthy, processed foods. Cleanses can be done over 2, 3, 5 or 7 days.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a short term, fresh, raw, all liquid diet that is used to assist one in achieving their wellness goals. You might have heard the term “juice fast.” A fast implies you’re starving your body, which shouldn't ever be the goal. A juice cleanse means you will receive plenty living vitamins, minerals, and enzymes all from fresh, raw, fruit and vegetable juice.


The juice cleanse gives your digestive system—including filtering organs like the kidney, liver, and gall bladder—a break from processing heavy proteins, fat, and other components of your diet that take a lot of work to sort out, giving you simply good, clean energy to work with. Toxins in the tissues are able to mobilize and be flushed from the body.


After a juice cleanse, especially a 7-day, you should feel energized, focused and balanced. You may notice you sleep better and crave better foods.

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Order Now: 

Juice Cleanses are available for pickup at The Maddison Fitness Facility. Cleanses are created on a made to order basis, please allow 3-5 days processing time to receive your order. Cleanses are nonrefundable. For any questions please contact us.  

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